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Hey everyone! We are in week 13, can you even believe it?! I sure can’t! This semester has flown by and November is already half over! I’m so excited for the future, but I’m getting pretty anxious about my student teaching semester that is now less than two short months away! I am really looking forward to student teaching and I hope I will be able to use some of the neat ideas for the classroom I have learned throughout this Literacy in the Digital Age class.

This week was a neat topic that is very important in education in today’s day and age: technology tools in the classroom. I read lots of great information on the topic of tech tools that can be used in the classroom!

This article reviews two pretty cool online tools: Piktochart and Canva. Piktochart is a great tool to create infographics. Just as the author mentioned trying to create infographics in publisher and PowerPoint, I too have tried to use these programs to create such informative photos. I was excited to find out that Piktochart is a great program that makes creating infographics much easier with templates. The author included a great tutorial video for this program as well as some of the infographics she had made! Canva is similar to Piktochart in that you can create graphics! The graphics the author was able to create on Canva were actually more compelling to me because they were brighter and more eye catching, but I am sure this could be done on Piktochart as well!

I think both of these programs would be useful for classroom projects, especially in a Social Science classroom! Either of these, Piktochart especially, would be great for creating infographics for an Economics project.

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The next site I visited was the Comics in Education site. This site is loaded with neat information but I am going to share my favorite I came across, Social Justice and Global Perspectives. These were some great comics that would be very helpful in the Social Science class. I actually remember reading comics in my high school history class and all of my peers and I always found great joy in these readings. I think comics are a great way to engage students and grab their interests. If you are interested in creating comics for your own use, Take 5: Comic Book/Strip Creation Tools  reviews several excellent tools! If that last article left you wanting more here are 20 free tools for making comics and cartoons for teaching and learning.

After learning about all of these amazing tools, I decided to try my own hand at the Piktochart program!

I made this graphic for a basic explanation of one of my favorite things I have learned about photography from my ILP: Aperture! If you are interested in learning more about Aperture Priority Mode, swing back to my ILP: Digging Deep in Photography Week 4 blog!


This was very simple to make and only took me a few minutes! I know this is not too descriptive, but this experiment really allowed me to get comfortable with this website! I am excited to learn more about all of these tools and try them out in the future!


Thank you for reading my thoughts on this topic and until next time,

Happy Learning!



10 thoughts on “Tech Tools in the Classroom

  1. Hello Brittney! I am also amazed how quickly that this semester is wrapping up! Time is just flying by! I enjoyed reading your blog post on tech tools. It is amazing how many neat tools are available and I think how much fun and helpful they will be in our future classrooms. I think the possibilities are endless, as we could create posters, anchor charts, students could make posters on the topics that they are learning and then comics! I think comics would be fun for students of all ages and a great way to add to the lesson we are teaching! Great thoughts! Jaime


  2. Brittney,
    It is hard to believe that we are already this far into the semester. I am ready for a break and I am ready to start student teaching (even though I am very anxious and nervous about). I agree that we have learned a lot in this class that can be helpful when we get into the classroom. I am a lot better off now with technology.


  3. I can’t wait for break! It’s flown by! I’ve really enjoyed learning about everything is this classroom, but especially enjoyed this module. I too like Canva, but have never tried Piktochart. I think I will give that one a try!


  4. I really enjoyed reading your post! Piktochart looked like a really cool site to use and I will definitely have to try it out sometime. The visuals that you made turned out very nice as well. Can’t wait to read about your ILP soon!


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