Inquiry-Based Learning

Hey y’all!

I’ll be honest, when I saw this assignment I was pretty excited. I love research! (good thing I’m going into the Social Sciences!) I really enjoy assignments like this where we are given the option on what we want to look into, and I also enjoy reading classmates thoughts more on assignments like these, where we all aren’t necessarily writing on the exact same topic!

So my first step was deciding what approach to learning I wanted to learn more about. I looked up the definitions of all of the different approaches to learning and decided to go with inquiry-based learning, as it seemed the most interesting to me. (Ironic? Maybe!) Being the type of learner I am, I went straight to YouTube to get a deeper understanding of my topic and let me tell you (and this is 0% sarcasm) I was pumped when the first video that showed up related my topic to one of my favorite things: Harry Potter!

Props to the creator of this video, because it’s relevant, clear, brief, and interesting! What more could you ask for?!

So inquiry-based learning: what is it and why is it important? Inquiry-based learning is simply an approach to learning that is based on “triggering” curiosity in students! How cool, right! I love classes where I am excited to learn more because I am curious about the subject at hand!

This article is loaded with great information about inquiry-based learning! Not only does it have a eye-catching title, it is relevant and fun to read! According to the article, inquiry-based learning generates excitement in students.

A classroom that utilized inquiry-based learning works to trigger inquiry from students. This is a very student-centered atmosphere. This is not a simple feat for the teacher in an inquiry-based classroom. This is a total flip from the classroom you often see in popular films, or perhaps you grew up with. The teacher lectured, the students took notes, and then the class sat quietly and worked alone on some form of homework, or studied for an exam.

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My favorite quote from this article was “you have to bring the ‘whaaa?’ into your classroom.” I definitely would love to create a classroom where my own curiosity is a model for my students. As we learned earlier in this class, passion is infectious! Passion is a huge part of inquiry-based learning. A classroom that utilizes inquiry-based learning will be full of passion!

I found several teachers whose accounts focus on inquiry-based learning on twitter and these three are really are really great!

  1. Colette Cassinelli
  2. Harvey Daniels
  3. Joanne Marie Babalis

There’s so much information and I’m so glad I found these accounts!

I found some other great tweets I really want to include in this post!

In addition to the great twitter accounts, I found this teacher blog that is all about inquiry-based learning! The Learner’s Toolbox

A teacher would choose this approach to learning in order to spark the interests of their students! Who wouldn’t want an engaged classroom? I know I don’t want to stand at the front of my classroom and preach my knowledge to my students.

There are four very important steps to running an effective inquiry-based classroom:

  1. Students develop questions that they are hungry to answer
  2. Research the topic using time in class
  3. Have students present what they’ve learned
  4. Ask students to reflect on what worked about the process and what didn’t

These are all crucial to running a successful inquiry-based classroom!

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There are advantages and disadvantages to this approach. Obviously, playing to the interests and curiosity of students is a wonderful thing. It encourages them to be engaged and gets they invested in their education. However, inquiry-based learning can be very time consuming, and takes a great deal of classroom management to ensure that it runs smoothly.

I can’t exactly speak on behalf of the other learning approaches, but I imagine a teacher wouldn’t want to run their classroom entirely inquiry-based. While I love the idea, I’m almost certain that it is valuable to incorporate other learning approaches in your classroom in addition to inquiry-based. But maybe once I gain experience and spend more time in a classroom I will change my mind!

I really enjoyed this research and learning more about this valuable approach to learning! Thanks for reading my thoughts, I look forward to reading any input anyone has to offer on this topic!

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Until next time,

Happy Learning!


10 thoughts on “Inquiry-Based Learning

  1. Great post this week on inquiry-based learning! I learned so much from reading your blog post! I love how this approach seeks the interests of the students. I appreciated that you listed the steps for student success and this approach, beginning with students developing questions, researching, presenting the information that they learned and following up with reflection. I think the reflection piece is important step we could often forget to do with our students, share what they learned or how it could be improved for next time. You have given me great encouragement to bring the ‘whaa?’ back into the classroom! Great research! Jaime


  2. This was such a good post! I loved reading it and I liked the layout of your post! I learned quite a bit from reading your post. This is another type of learning that I wanted to do my blog about but I decided to do Project-based Learning. I think that spiking your students’ curiosity is important for going to school. I think that it is important to have your students developing those questions and researching that curiosity then being about to present what they found. Great Blog!


  3. Inquiry-based learning is great! That is what we are focusing on right now in my physical science class and there’s a lot that even college aged students don’t know. I think it’s exciting every time we begin a new project because there are so many questions I want to answer.


  4. Hi Brit! I glad your interested in social science. I have my endorsement in this area and I love using inquiry based learning. I like to find something funny like a meme, video, or random fact to get their curiosity in history classes. I really enjoyed your blog!
    – Katy Gottsch


  5. I used that same video because of the Harry Potter references as well!! But overall, I loved your blog. And I agree that inquiry-based learning is big flip from what you see in movies or what most people were taught. I wasn’t taught that way in high school and I didn’t really know that this kind of learning method was out there. Again, great job on you post!


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