Independent-Learning Project: The Sky is the Limit!

Let me start off by saying: I am SO excited about this portion of the class! I can’t remember every having this kind of freedom in a class.. ever! When I first saw this portion of the classwork in the syllabus, I won’t lie, I was so nervous. But the more I thought about it, the more excited I got! At first I could not think of a single thing I could do or learn each week that I would enjoy learning about or that would possibly expand my knowledge in different parts of my life — but once some ideas b

Photo-CC by Elisa Maser

egan to pop up in my mind, I was suddenly flooded with ideas.

My initial thought was that I should choose cooking for my independent-learning project. I am far from an exceptional cook and I (and my future family) could honestly really benefit from me taking the time to improve this skill set. However, I felt that there were more things I could truly gain from this project.

The next idea I really liked was the idea of using this opportunity to read the bible and become more familiar with God’s word, and therefore become a better Christain as a result. However, reading and studying the bible is already a part of my weekly routine, and I felt that choosing this as my project would be cheating myself, in a way, as I have already been trying to dedicate this much time throughout my week studying and learning from the Bible.

Then I became so excited, as I thought of something I truly have a passion for, but have robbed myself of a true opportunity to improve my skill — photography! A little over a year ago I purchased a DSLR camera with the intention of really improving my already existing hobby of taking pictures. I have always loved photography and I was convinced taking the next step and getting a nice camera would allow me to expand and improve on this hobby. Much to my surprise, the camera can NOT do the work for you! Now don’t get me wrong — I knew the talent was with the photographer, not the camera, but I didn’t realize just how much there was to know on a DSLR camera! I plan to use this learning opportunity to improve my photography skills, but also to really become comfortable using my new camera. I look forward to learning how to use this device outside of its “auto” mode, and being able to take beautiful pictures. I mainly plan to learn this information and improve my skills through watching YouTube videos for my specific camera and reading blog posts about the different features — as I know there are tons out there!

Photo-CC by George Vale

I’m excited to dive into this project and see how much I improve, as well as see the ideas my classmates come up with for this project!


Happy learning!


12 thoughts on “Independent-Learning Project: The Sky is the Limit!

  1. Hi Brittney! I think photogrophy is a great learning project because it will never go out of style. Taking pictures is something you can do throughout your entire life and there will always be something to take a picture of.

    Good luck!


  2. Britteny, I think that learning about photography is a great idea. I always have enjoyed taking pictures and think about moments when a picture would be perfect. Photos give us such a great opportunity to tell a story and to remember a moment that meant a lot to us. It is also a great chance to show the beauty of this world and the places that we live. I like how you chose to do photography after thinking about it for a while. I thought about doing cooking as well because it is a skill that we will be using for the rest of our lives. I decided to chose a passion of mine that I really don’t get to spend time doing. This is such a great opportunity to be able to study something that we are really passionate about. Good luck with your photography!


  3. This is a great project! I am so glad you’re excited for this portion of the class. It really is a unique opportunity to spend some time learning what and how you want to. Since I teach this course every semester, including summer, I don’t always choose an independent learning project for myself–depends on my schedule and mood!–but I’ve really enjoyed some projects I’ve done in the past, including learning how to tame feral cats and starting a daily yoga habit!


  4. This sounds so exciting! I have always marveled at those you can do photography create stunning looks through a lens. Photography is just another medium for art and I was always too scared to try it out, honestly. Best of luck to you during this project and I’m excited to see what you do!


  5. Hello Brittney!
    I am also doing photography and hope to improve my skills immensely through this ILP. I just purchased the nicest camera I have ever own the first week of school! I hope to learn from your blog!


      1. I got a Canon Rebel T6! It came in a great bundle with two more lenses, a tripod and some other fancy stuff I barely understand haha


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